And that’s a wrap!

I am so proud of my final project. My final project was a writing project. I choose writing out of the several forms of digital storytelling skills we have worked on throughout the semester because it is the way I felt like I could express myself to the fullest extent. However, just writing would be… Continue reading And that’s a wrap!

wow is this goodbye

I came into this confused about all the things that were being thrown at me. I had to make a website??? a blog?? a twitter? what is daily create? But, I am leaving this class well-rounded in how to tell a story in so many forms with sounds, visuals, words, and design. This class taught… Continue reading wow is this goodbye

Faith or Fate?

“Alright, I’ll see you tommorow,” I yelled as I ran to my car. My best friend replied, “Bye Holly!” My best friend, Isaac doesn’t play any sports but he always stays after school to watch my practices and my games. He’s such a thoughtful friend. …I love soccer but honestly, I am so glad this… Continue reading Faith or Fate?

Baking With Me

Phew. I really did that. Period. So I started making my video plan last week. I planned what I wanted to do and decided on baking a vegan chocolate cake. I choose a recipe last week from Nora Cooks but I couldn’t find some of the ingredients so I improvised and I got a cake… Continue reading Baking With Me

Reading the Titanic

The Titanic was directed by James Cameron and released in 1997. this film is legendary as it has received 14 Oscar nominations and 11 Academy Awards. But what makes it so great. This assignment was challenging because I had to separate my emotions to objectively analyze the film. I couldn’t just say this film is… Continue reading Reading the Titanic

Are we there yet?

You’re telling me this semester isn’t over yet? Between working 2 jobs and being a full time student this semester is kicking my a-double-s. But regardless, I am pushing through I got a lot of work done. I had the chance to listen to my peer’s radio shows. Hear about my experience in this post:… Continue reading Are we there yet?