Biggest Book in the World-TDC

For today’s Daily Create, my answer was simple. There was a huge book. It needed a title. The only possible title that came to mind was Words Unspoken. I believe the thoughts we keep to ourselves and the words that remain unspoken are so vast that all the pages of this huge book would not be able to contain it.


  1. Damn, you really made me think with this post. Such a good answer, I wish I thought of it myself! and the blank photo is an excellent touch. Now I’m just thinking about if this book was real and everyone’s unspoken thoughts got stored there, who would keep it? Sounds like the beginning of an interesting movie.

  2. I really like this response to the prompt! I know I definitely don’t always say everything I want to, and all of those unspoken statements could easily fill up a book as large as the one in the prompt.

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