But what if I don’t want to

I know we were supposed to come up with ideas for our final project but what if I don’t want to?? I have my mind set on what I want to do. It would be pointless to brainstorm new ideas when I already know what I want to do. Soooo… I decided to build upon my storyline from before:

When I wrote the outline assignment I made sure to do it on something meaningful so I am attached to this idea and didn’t see the point of brainstorming other ideas. What I did instead is build on this outline. I made a google doc and I started writing out the story. What I plan to do is write a short story based on my outline and I also want to make it interactive so I will embed Instagram posts from the point of view of my main character Holly. So think of it like an illustrated book but just digital.

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  1. The reason behind this assignment was that people often don’t have solid ideas of what they want to do. What you have is great though.

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