Creative Juice X3

In the city of Thouser, there was a water outage and the people of Thouser were deeply upset. The king was unaffected by the water outage and continued with his life as if nothing happened. The people blamed the king of Thouser and began to riot. They claimed that it wasn’t rocket science… if the king wanted to keep them happy he would have to fix the issue. They key to their happiness was to meet their needs. It was simple. Once the king fixed the water outage and restored water to the people of Thouser. The rioting stopped, peace and harmony was restored. This was a learning moment for Thouser. As a king, he would have to care for his villagers, listen to their problems, and solve them even if it didn’t affect him. This is the circle of life. It is all about learning lessons, screwing up and learning from it and moving on. That is the circle of life.

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