Winne the Model?

In a society that has beauty standards that defines the perfect body, the perfect face, it is important to be comfortable and confident regardless of whether your body fits society’s standards. Body positivity is about understanding everybody’s body is so different, so unique, and should all be seen for its true beauty.

This assignment is about designing a cover that reflects body positivity.

The poster above is the poster I designed for the assignment. I first uploaded a picture of Winnie the Pooh. I choose this specific picture because it really… literally… is positive as he is carrying a red balloon along with a big smile on his face. Winnie the Pooh is a symbol of body positivity because he was never afraid to flaunt his tummy and he wore a “crop top” regardless of his body shape! I uploaded Winnie’s picture and added the words “Body positivity” I choose this cursive font because I didn’t want a super serious font but I also didn’t want a playful font because body image is an important issue, so I choose this font which was a good in-between. I put thought into my poster at every step of my design to ensure I encapsulated the message I wanted to portray. This assignment allowed me to understand the Joy of Painting because even though painting is associated with spontaneously creating something beautiful from a blank canvas, it is still important to have an idea of the product you want to create. It is important to have a theme or a message in mind as you create. This allows for the creation of a cohesive product that allows you to express yourself exactly how you intend. This assignment taught me there should be intent during the process of creating to guide us.

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