Sprinkle of Motivation

Who doesn’t love inspirational ted talks or reading inspirational quotes? When you have a heavy workload or need a pep talk just a few words of inspiration are enough to carry you along the way!!

The assignment was to design a motivational poster!

I already had a motivational quote in mind because I have an inspirational motto that I live by. The quote I wanted to use was “We have come too far to ONLY come this far.” The next thing I did was choose a background image. I was going to use a picture of clouds because clouds display a positive image. However, I thought of the quote and felt a nature trail or some sort of path or journey would be more appropriate. The quote talks about coming far so an image encapsulating a journey felt more appropriate.

I choose this image:

Where The Journey Begins..

Next, I had to make the image more transparent to add the quotes on top to be visible:

Finally, I added a bold font to give a serious vibe. Since motivation is about inspiring strength I wanted to use a strong bold font. I also wanted a color that would go well with the image. Black doesn’t go with the message I’m conveying but white doesn’t contrast with the image so I choose a brown color.

This is the final product. I had a simple, straightforward but also interesting design. I choose this assignment because I liked the message. Sometimes discipline and a routine aren’t enough and we need some motivation to get us through our days or our crazy workload.

The message of my motivational poster is that even if the final destination of our goals might be far, we’ve already put in so much work so it’s only logical that we keep going!!

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