Fate…or Faith?

The story I want to tell is of a teenage girl who finds her self in many situations and proceeds to come out of them unscathed. She will later attribute her “luck” in serving those circumstances due to the fact that her grandmother is her guardian angel watching over her from heaven.

The story behind my story is simple: I have always had a very deeply rooted connection with my grandmother. She passed when I was only 3 but based on stories I have heard about her, I have always found us to be very similar souls. I believe I get my strength and my empathy from her. On top of my admiration of her, my connection to her stems from the fact that I have felt a sense of safety and calmness in some frightening and even life-or-death situations. I attribute that feeling of safety and protection to her and her prayers. Whether it be her prayers while alive or while in heaven, I believe that they protect me anywhere I climb or fall. She is my muse and the inspiration behind my story.

A picture of me and my beloved grandma 🙂


Hook: Holly, A high school senior is driving back home from soccer practice. Setting: it’s dark, late at night, it’s rainy… Holly is tired. She’s distracted thinking about how much work she has to do. Another driver ran a red light. BAM car accident.

Conversation between mother and brother about why Holly is out so late. They get a call saying Holly is in the hospital. Holly is miraculously unscathed. Safe and Sound. She felt a presence protecting her when she lost consciousness

*from the beginning to the middle my goal is to introduce characters, show their bonds, and lead up to the conflict

-Holly’s mother is protective and a bit more controlling after the accident

-Holly’s guy best friend finds out she almost died so he realizes life is too short and he asks her out. she says….. yes!!

-There is a huge dance coming up. Holly is in SGA so she’s helping plan it

-Holly’s boyfriend asks her to the dance


Holly sees the dance party as a way to finally break free of her newly-protective parents. She plans on having a wild night out. Boyfriend picks her up from the dance complements on how beautiful she looks. Mom gives Holly a necklace to wear to the dance and explains that it used to belong to her grandma. Mom takes picture of holly and boyfriend and they go to the dance. At the dance Holly loses control and has way too much to drink…. blacks out from alcohol poisoning. her best friend drag’s Hollly to her house so holly doesn’t get in trouble. Holly’s boyfriend goes to Holly’s best friends house to check in on her in the morning. She is still black out. They decide to call an ambulance. Before they are done dialing Holly woke up. Extremely hangover

-after dance incident Holly becomes distant and lost in her own little her world

-boyfriend confronts her about her pulling away. she tells him how she felt and the vision she saw when she was blacked out

-she feels like she always has a guardian angel watching over her

-another conflict near the end: fire in the lab next to Holly but Holly remains protected

-Holly spring cleaning with her mom and finds a letter that Grandma wrote. it was date dmarch 2007 this was while she was in the hospital on her death bed fighting uterian cancer. The letter wasn’t postmarked to anyone. The letter was basically asking God for protection of the family in all walks of their life.


-Holly realizes her guardian angel was her grandma

-in a couple of weeks the grandmas 10 year death anniversary.

-Holly and boyfriend commemorate it by going to grandma’s grave with flowers.

-Holly commits to a college and decides to honor her grandma’s fight with cancer by studying biology.

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