I Did NOT Sign Up for an Ear Surgery

Creative Juices Flowing on the Daily

I completed 3 daily creates this week!

For the first daily create the objective was to post an image of us that is a reflection or a shadow. I choose this picture of me with a backward mirror selfie. I choose this picture because I felt it represents me well. I use my hair to express myself and I felt that the mirror reflection in this picture really adds to the picture. Without the mirror reflection, you cannot tell how long my hair really is or the curls on the bottom, or the reddish brownish hair dye on the bottom. Reflections sometimes tell more than the upfront image itself.

For the second Daily Create, the task was to pick an image of a unicorn and tell a story with it. I choose a picture of this unicorn because it was the most unique one for me. I am so used to seeing unicorns represented in a fun and childish way rather than in a more serious way. In addition, this picture spoke to me the most in terms of telling a story at first glance.

For the last Daily Create I did I remixed a card and adapted it to describe my personality and my blog page with humor, creativity, and under-friendliness being high and time management being low.

Audio Storytelling Reflection

I began by watching this week’s intro video and Jad Abumrad’s videos on audiostorytelling and reading through the Audio Resources page. I learned how powerful the human voice is in terms of being able to spark an emotion without any visuals. I learned that what makes audio storytelling so unique is the fact that the audience has creative control in terms of what to visualize. I then listened to Moon Grafiti and got to see the concepts I learned about in play. Here is my reflection on my experience:

Radio Bumper

Now it’s time to get my hands dirty… I got to try creating an audio production myself, but first, what the h-e-double hockey stick am I even doing? I downloaded Audacity and watched this tutorial before getting started.

I looked for inspo from already existing radios to get an idea of what type of “radio bumper I wanted to make and here is a blog post on the whole process:


DS106 Radio Show

I tuned into the DS106 Radio Broadcast this Wednesday and here’s a post on how my experinece went! (spoiler alert: I loved it)


I completed 3 assignments this week. I completed the Sound Effect assignment, the Poem with Instumental Music assignment, and the Song vs. Cover assignment. I connected the first two back to our theme of the “Joy of Painting.” My favorite assignment even though it took a million and one years was the sound effects assignment. I really took a bunch of random noises put them together and bam just like that I told a story. It was really fun to see my final product after putting all of my sound effects together overlapping some audio and having some come consecutively after one another in addition to playing with the loudness of the different audios.

Radio Show Ideas

I know in a couple of weeks we will be starting our radio show project and here are my ideas on potential topics.

Another thing I did this week was comment on my classmates post and sumbit a post of the week survey!

Overall, this week was a 10/10 in terms of learning and probably a 15/10 in terms of stress levels. I learned a lot though. I am very comfortable using Audacity now and layering sounds and playing with sounds to change how they sound. This week was a lot to process but I got through it like a champ and I am proud of every product that I made. I feel like I can never listen to anything the same again. Not just in terms of radio or podcasts, even in movies, I can’t help but focus on the sound effetcs and the background noise and naturally attempt to analyze it. I feel like my ears have been rewired AGAINST MY WILL!!! I don’t remember signing up for an ear surgery! I can’t help but to notice the different sound effects and think about what actual “instruments” are being used to create them!

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