It’s the Remix

Part 1

The first assignment I am remixing is one of my audio assignments earlier on in the semester where we were supposed to read a poem and layer it with music to create a more emotional response from the reader.

I choose a poem about sisterhood and I layered the audio with a song by Khalid called Better. I did the assignment thinking of my best friend I have known since the 3rd grade.

I took a short cut to this assignment and I just found a poem on Google but I thought it would be meaningful if I wrote a poem myself.

I wrote a short haiku:

You’re always there for me

Whenever I call or whenever I text

Grateful to call you bestie”

Part 2

The next assignment I choose to revise was my design assignment from a couple weeks ago. I think this was one of my favorite assignments so far because of it’s simplicity. I originally did this assignment with a picture from my trip to Ethiopia.

Because it is a completely new season and I have brushed up on skills of editing to communicate feelings over the period of this course, I choose to do another magazine cover this time with a picture from my spring break trip to the beach.

This cover announces that spring is here with it’s sunny days, good vibes, and good memories waiting to be made.

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