Not My Cup of Tea

I had fun making my sound effects story. The basic storyline is there is someone walking in the rain towards their house, once they get home they try to cozy up by making some tea and once they are about to grab their tea, the teacup burns their hand and they drop it. My storyline is inspired by a new show I started in the first episode of the show the main character is making a casserole and she forgets to put on oven mitts when taking it out so she burns her hand and drops it.

I made a Free Sound account and that is the website I used to get sound effects for the assignment. I downloaded 9 different sound effects (listed down below) and imported them onto audacity and combined them to tell a story.

  1. rain
  2. car locking
  3. walking outdoors
  4. door opening
  5. walking indoors
  6. sink running
  7. timer going off
  8. tea kettle whistling
  9. cup breaking

Here is the final product:

I enjoyed the process of being able to brainstorm a story and tell it without using ANY WORDS AT ALL. That is the beauty of audio storytelling. That is the “Joy of Painting.” I painted and told story without using any visual aid OR words. I learned a lot about the ins and outs of using Audacity in terms of adding tracks, importing sounds, and controlling the volume of certain tracks to prevent overshadowing.


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