Not So True Story

What a week! What a project honestly. I was expecting to be stressed this week but it was not bad at all. My group had a good plan and division of tasks so no one would be overwhelmed. We had a script team, audio team, and production team. I was a part of the script team. We basically laid the foundation of the whole project. There were 3 of us on the script team. I was in charge of the script for the trial. Amy was in charge of the script for the journalist interviews. Katie was in charge of the script of the murder. Together we wrote a 25-page script.

To get into my scriptwriting process the first thing I did was watch some videos of trials on Youtube so I could nail my script with trial room lingo. Next, I went back and looked for what evidence was left on the crime scene so that I could incorporate it into the trial. I choose who would be a witness for each side. I choose the detective as a witness for the prosecution and the medical examiner as the witness for the defense. I then outlined the arguments of the defense and prosecution. After that, all I had to do was put it all together into a detailed script with opening statements and concluding statements. Next, I reread the script I wrote. And finally, I reread it one last time and I added cues into my script to help the audio and production team like “walking sounds” etc.

We had our script done over spring break, so as soon as we got back on campus on Monday we met to record. We thought it would take us 2 days to record but we knocked it out in one night.

After our recording on Monday night, I had little to do this week. This week was audio and production team to shine.

Before I get to the final product I would like to share my audio production from last week. Here’s a recap of how I made them:

Last week my group did not release most of the audio created just so we could maintain suspense but now that we have our final product I wanted to share the bumper and the commercial I made last week.

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for… our radio podcast. Death of the Painter by Radio 7. On week 7, 7 great minds and cooperative peers came together to create this masterpiece. 45 minutes of suspense and emotional whirlwind. As you are listening try to solve the murder mystery. Which suspect did the deed???

Hope you enjoy listening to our broadcast as much as we had fun creating it.

This radio show allowed us to live and breathe the joy of painting. The joy of painting a story you can’t see but can visualize. The joy of painting a not-so-true completely made-up story of the murder of Bob Ross.

May he rest in peace. We thank him for showing us the joy of happy little trees and happy little accidents and this radio broadcast was inspired by him.

Last but not least: Here are my daily creates.

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