7 under 20

I started my photoblitz at 3:02pm (screenshot included below) and ended at 3:21pm. The challenge of this activty was trying to get 7 pictures in under 20 minutes.

The pictures I took for my Photoblitz challenge is below/

  1. For this picture the challenge was to illustrate attraction and as an attractive woman, I took a picture of my self!
  2. Some tuna sushiii!!! Yum!
  3. As the queen of monochrome and making sure the colors in my room go together, this was easy, I took a picture of my silver-colored sheets, pillow, and sloth, named Mango, who absolutely stole this shot!
  4. I obviously couldn’t find a bird from the comport of my dorm, so… i had to be creaive and make one. Who doesn’t love some oragami.
  5. For a picture of confusion, I took a picture of our DS106 assignments page, because as much as I love this class, 99% of the time I am confused LOL!
  6. Noses! Here’s mine!
  7. 2 doors, 1 accidentally microwaved spoon!

This challenge allowed me to practice what I learned in the readings. For one, I aadded a vignette to the mono chrome image (#3). For the picturue of my sushi and the spoon (#2 and #7) to focus on the main thing I want to highlight while fading the background!

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