My goal for Spring 2022 in DS106

I am so excited for digital storytelling this semester! It’s only been the first week of classes and I have learned so much and I am looking to learn so much more.

This class caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

I am a biomedical sciences major, as such most of my classes do not allow space for creativity, most of my classes and professors look for a definitive answer or outcome. Whereas, this class has so much freedom in terms of creativity and self-expression.

Next, the idea of storytelling caught my attention, not only because I love to write but also because I love expressing myself, journaling my life’s ups and downs, and communicating the things I experience. I love journaling my current life status and the emotions I am experiencing and I love looking back at my journal months or years later for both the nostalgia and to recognize how much I have grown. I also love using Instagram as an outlet to share my life with the people I know and lastly I spend hours face timing my friends telling them about my day, storytelling of my own you could say.

For these reasons I found this course to be very attractive. My goal for this class is by the end of the semester to be able to establish a positive and cohesive online platform. I want to be able to learn different and “digital” ways to express my self. I can wait for the adventure that is yet to come!

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