Reading the Titanic

The Titanic was directed by James Cameron and released in 1997. this film is legendary as it has received 14 Oscar nominations and 11 Academy Awards. But what makes it so great.

This assignment was challenging because I had to separate my emotions to objectively analyze the film. I couldn’t just say this film is great because I love it I had to actually analyze what film techniques made it so great.

The first thing I did was choose a scene from the movie. I choose the “I’m flying” scene where Jack and Rose are hanging of the edge of the boat feeling the breeze and pretending to fly. i choose this scene because it takes a lot of skill to depict the beginning of Jack and Rose’s love story. And even though they are not moving but just standing in the same place for the entirety of the scene there is so much going on.

After i found the scene on youtube, the next thing I did was watch the video over and over and over again taking note of the film techniques I recognized from the material for this week.

Next, I converted the youtube video into an mp4 file using

I then uploaded the video on iMovie.

I didn’t have a script or anything set in stone in mind I just began to do a voiceover and analyzed the video. If a specific thing I was talking about was over before I finished my thought I split the video and duplicated it so that it can play over again until I finished my specific thought. The scene is 2 minutes long but my video is 5 minutes so there are repeating clips so that the audience can see what I am explaining over and over again.

I discussed color, lighting, camera angles, camera movements, lighting, and music choice that enhances one scene of the film. I also discussed the Kuleshov Effect.

My least favorite part of this assignment was uploading the video I made to Youtube. it took forever I thought I was going to lose my mind. It took almost an hour to save to my laptop and even longer to actually upload to Youtube. I am not going to lie it was extremely frustrating but overall I had a lot of fun analyzing the Titanic.

I like how I began this week learning about film techniques and I got to end it by actually analyzing a film myself.

Here’s the final product. Enjoy:

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