TGIF Thank God it’s Friday

I had a great time this week learning about the art of storytelling.

I bean my week by reading i link therefore i am reading. I learned that digital storytelling pushes the boundaries of linear storytelling and the ways in which it does.

Next I watched a couple of videos about the art of telling a story. I really truly enjoyed watching the particular video of how stories are meant to have all of these ups and downs to make the intriguing and meaningful.

Next, I got to work on putting everything I learned together. I began by analyzing a story that I love, Maleficent. I analyze everything I feel makes Maleficent II such a great example of storytelling. It takes skill to take a villain and make an audience fall in love with her.

I then began to contemplate on what kind of story I want to tell and how I can shape the story with a beginning, middle, and end in a way that takes the audience through a whirlwind of emotions. This process took me a lot longer than it seems and was probably the most challenging aspect of this week. I had to brainstorm a couple of ideas before I set my mind on one. I talk about this more on my page, but I use my connection to my grandma as inspiration behind my story.

For my next task of the week, I choose 4 assignments from the writing assignment bank, totaling up to 12 stars. Writing is a hobby of mine so this was by far the most enjoyable part of this week. It came to me naturally and I enjoyed writing about all these wonderful and unique prompts. I had some reoccurring themes discussed in my assignments this week. I discuss Maleficent in one of my writing assignments along with my grandma in another writing assignment. I use the last two assignments to connect back to our theme of the Joy of paining. I enjoyed all of the assignments I choose, but my favorite on would be the last one I completed just because of how it incorporate music and writing into one assignment.

Below are my daily creates for the week. I was so confused on what exactly I was supposed to do, but this week it felt like second nature.

Overall, I had a pretty good week. I enjoyed learning about the process and the art of story telling, and being able to use that to create a story of my own. I think my outline is very thorough and follows the art of including ups and downs that get the audience invested in a character. I am proud of the foundation I have set and can not wait to continue building upon it in the upcoming weeks. Once I wrote my outline, my mind was already racing so it was hard to stop my self from beginning to write the actual story.

And of course, I was sure to comment on my classmate’s posts. I enjoyed seeing people’s outlines. I feel that some of the outlines would actually make a really good movie in terms of how interesting the plot is.

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