Through the Lens of Taytu Star

I spent this week seeking out different designs that fall under the 10 concepts that I learned about. I used my regular Apple Camera to take pictures and I posted the 6 pictures I took throughout the week on my Instagram page.

This first picture is of Eagle Landing. I don’t live in Eagle Landing but I spend most of my time here because all of my friends so it’s like a home away from home for me! For those who’ve never been to Eagle landing, there is a north and south side and the building is almost perfectly symmetrical!! This follows the concept of unity.

This next picture is from Valentine’s Day. I went out to Arthechouse which is an immerservie art experience. There is an alley in the experience with an explosion of neon colors and lights the colors the bright purple and bright orange lights matches with the green and blue signs really popped out to me. The design was captivating and represents the concept of color.

This next picture is from the front of Jepson Hall. The parking lot has a sign for parking spots for fuel-efficient cars. The sign represents the concept of dominance because the beginning of the sign is in small fonts with “PARKING ONLY” in really large font.

This picture is the view of Virginia Hall from the 3rd floor of Willard directly across from it. This dorm hall is very simple in design and represents the concept of minimalism with one simple color and square-shaped windows. In addition, the building’s windows and the balcony on the first floor are symmetrical.

This picture is the view of the lab from the study desks on the 3rd floor of Jepson Hall. I have always studied here but this is the first time I have really paid attention to this window. This picture represents the concept of proportions. Windows don’t typically take up the entire wall that they are on and more importantly circle-shaped windows are pretty uncommon.

This last picture is of my book cover. The picture represents the concept of typography it is playful and feminine with some letters larger than the others.

All in all, this was a pretty interesting assignment. Some things that I probably would not have analyzed in terms of design stuck out to me as I went about my week! I enjoyed seeing the things around me in terms of what design components it reinforced.

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