Week 1: Got My Uggs Muddy in Bootcamp

This week was a crazy rollercoaster ride. I am so SO SO glad, the Canvas page was posted before the start of the semester. When I first saw the Canvas page I was actually still on my trip in Ethiopia so I used the things around me to start my blog post. I am really glad that I got a headstart with setting up my website, creating my accounts, and completing my introduction post last week I did because I was so jet-lagged from my flight back into the US this week. On top of that, I was so drowsy from my booster shot I received this Wednesday. In conclusion, I have learned “the easy” way that there really is nothing like being on top of your work especially for a class of this nature.

These are the posts that I have worked on this week:

The biggest challenge I faced this week was with the introduction post because I had difficulty learning how to embed my posts from Twitter, SoundCloud, Youtube, and Flickr. I actually wanted to make an Instagram post because I am comfortable with Instagram and I have experience using it. However, I could not figure out how to embed an Instagram post so I made a Flickr account instead.

The most time-consuming aspect of this week was customizing my WordPress blog. There were so many aspects to making blog posts and making pages and having everything go where you want it to go that was really time-consuming if not tiring. Especially with the unstable wifi in Ethiopia. Getting used to the setup and settings of Word Press drove me insane but I’m really happy with the way my website looks right now.

Once I got used to the hang of things making blog posts on the Bob Ross episode and my goals for the semester were pretty easy.

One thing that absolutely frustrated me was the fact that my Flickr post that I embedded. It was good quality on the website but it was so so so so so so blurry when I embedded it on WordPress. It was infuriating.


My favorite part of the week was coming up with my name for my blog. I wanted to choose something meaningful and unique and I believe that I did. I also really enjoyed the Bob Ross episode. I learned a lot from it and it’s been so long since I’ve seen a Bob Ross video it was nearly nostalgic.

All in all, it was a pretty good start to the class. I am pretty excited to see what awaits. I am proud of the foundations I have built this week in establishing my site.

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