Week 2: My journal of Happy Accidents from this week

You ever find yourself relaxing a little too much and realize you’re gonna regret it because of the amount of work you have to do? That was me this Monday. We had a student holiday because it was Martin Luther King Jr Day and I spent the entire day relaxing. That was my 1st happy accident of the week.

I wish I had spent Monday catching up on work because boy was I bombarded with work this week.

I talk about this in one of my Daily Creates but my second happy accident… or shall I say unhappy accident of this week was procrastinating all of my work on Wednesday thinking that Thursday would be a snow day. Anyways… that was humbling.

This was my first week doing Daily Creates and honestly… it was an interesting experience… I was initially like “What the heck am I supposed to do” I was so used to having a rubric for assignments that I have to complete that when I would read the Daily Create prompts I was taken aback. I did eventually catch the hang of it though. When I started viewing the Daily Create as a way to be creative rather than an assignment, I was able to enjoy it rather than find it stressful in search of the “correct” or “appropriate” answer.

Here are the Daily Creates I completed this week:

I completed 3 assignments from the assignment bank this week. I compelled one writing, one design, and one visual assignment. The hardest part of the assignments was probably choosing one that I wanted to do since there were a lot of interesting options. MY favorite part of completing the assignments was giving them context and telling a story with the assignments I choose to do.

I also wrote a blog post on how I feel about myself as an artist. I wrote about how reading Langston Hughes’s poems inspired me to express myself through poetry just like he did. I also shared a poem that I wrote myself and gave context to the state of mind I was in when I wrote it.

In terms of customizing my blog. I did not do much because I had already customized it to my liking last week. But I organized my blog by creating pages and a menu and sorting my assignments, daily creates, and weekly summaries into their own pages. I also made a gravatar account and choose a profile picture.

I tried my best to participate in this course by reading a couple of posts a day. I found the burst of creativity everyone was displaying by interpreting the different daily creates and assignments in their unique ways very inspiring. I took the initiative to comment on 2 of my peer’s blogs post. I am not sure if they accepted my comment to be viewed yet. Here are their posts:

Overall, I had an extremely overwhelming week because of how much I procrastinated but that’s the good thing about this class even with the vast amount of work assigned it doesn’t feel like “work.” I was really happy with the work I produced and I was definitely starting to feel the “Joy of Painting” after not only having the opportunity to be creative myself but also witnessing the creativity of my peers.

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