Who dunnit?

Creative Juices Flowing on the Daily

I completed 3 daily creates this week: here they are below!


My main focus this week was to get a roll on producing a radio show. I formed a group with 6 other people in the course and together we decided on calling ourselves: Radio 7. We got a lot of work done this week. We met on Sunday night to brainstrom ideas then on Monday we met once again and took take of logistics and the knitty gritty details of what we want our show to be about, what the general plot will look like and we decided to divide and conquer the work for the show. Details of our work and our progress will be on this reflection post found here:

Promoting Our Show

I created a promo poster for my Radio Show, using a design assignment from the design bank. I feel like everything I learned in ds106 really helped me produce good work this week. Everything I have been learning led up to this point and allowed me to put the different concepts together to produce our radio show. Here’s a blog post about the creative process behind my poster.

I’m Back Audacity

I created 2 audio assignments for this week. I enjoyed that all of the assignments this week went towards the radio show. It made me focus and the assignments felt more purposeful. Here is a blog post of the audio I created for this week:

And of course, I read and commented on posts!

Overall a pretty good week in DS106! I can’t wait to share our final product. I am really excited.

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