Who dunnit?

Creative Juices Flowing on the Daily I completed 3 daily creates this week: here they are below! Reflect-tcelfeR My main focus this week was to get a roll on producing a radio show. I formed a group with 6 other people in the course and together we decided on calling ourselves: Radio 7. We got… Continue reading Who dunnit?


I made a commercial using an audio assignment. I choose an assignment that was to create a commercial for a product from the 80’s. I did a commercial on hair perm. The first thing I did was choose appropriate music. I choose Your Love by The Outfield because it’s from the 80’s. The next thing… Continue reading Perm??

Build a Creator

Design shapes the word that we see in ways we don’t even recognize. Book covers, movie posters, advertisements, buildings, and even utensils we use on the daily. Everything around us is carefully crafted and designed by someone. The things we use in our every day to day life from our cars to our coffee-makers were… Continue reading Build a Creator

The Joy of Designing

Creative Juices Flowing on the Daily I completed 3 daily creates this week, a joy like always! In 2 out of 3 of my Daily Creates, I actually got to put into use all the design conceptss I learned about over the week! Getting Started So before I leaped into designing I had to figure… Continue reading The Joy of Designing

You’re Fired!

Sometimes our words and actions don’t match… And sometimes our designs and our messages don’t match. This assignment was to create a design that is contradicting. Here is the design I created: I picked two contradicting ideas: which is congratulating someone for being fired. I began by selecting an image of an applause. These people… Continue reading You’re Fired!

Winne the Model?

In a society that has beauty standards that defines the perfect body, the perfect face, it is important to be comfortable and confident regardless of whether your body fits society’s standards. Body positivity is about understanding everybody’s body is so different, so unique, and should all be seen for its true beauty. This assignment is… Continue reading Winne the Model?