It’s the Remix

Part 1 The first assignment I am remixing is one of my audio assignments earlier on in the semester where we were supposed to read a poem and layer it with music to create a more emotional response from the reader. I choose a poem about sisterhood and I layered the audio with a song… Continue reading It’s the Remix

Creative Juice X3

In the city of Thouser, there was a water outage and the people of Thouser were deeply upset. The king was unaffected by the water outage and continued with his life as if nothing happened. The people blamed the king of Thouser and began to riot. They claimed that it wasn’t rocket science… if the… Continue reading Creative Juice X3

Who dunnit?

Creative Juices Flowing on the Daily I completed 3 daily creates this week: here they are below! Reflect-tcelfeR My main focus this week was to get a roll on producing a radio show. I formed a group with 6 other people in the course and together we decided on calling ourselves: Radio 7. We got… Continue reading Who dunnit?


I made a commercial using an audio assignment. I choose an assignment that was to create a commercial for a product from the 80’s. I did a commercial on hair perm. The first thing I did was choose appropriate music. I choose Your Love by The Outfield because it’s from the 80’s. The next thing… Continue reading Perm??