Mama Medusa- TDC

Magic Realism Bot Tweeted, “A depressed queen receives an unusual gift from her mother: An eel covered in pearls.” The first thing I envisioned when I saw this tweet was a medusa-like woman giving one of the “eels” from her head with pearls on it to her daughter. I thought of this because of the… Continue reading Mama Medusa- TDC

Purple Mountain Range

I had the pleasure of tuning into Season 26 Episode 10 of Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting show: Purple Mountain Range. His positive vibes never fail to bring a smile to my face. I did not paint anything while I watched this episode but yet I still enjoyed watching it. Here are some of his… Continue reading Purple Mountain Range

Hello, or should I say Selam!

Welcome to Taytu Star, meet your Blogger! I’m currently blogging from my birthland, Ethiopia. “Selam” is how you say hello in my language: Amharic. Get to know the different aspects of what makes me who I am, through the lens of many different social media sources!! The monument that stands tall in the middle of… Continue reading Hello, or should I say Selam!