14 Stars of Week 4

The first assignment, I choose was 5 stars, and we were instructed to use a photoshop program to use grass or something Earthy to create something. I used the drawing feature on Google Docs to take bundles on grass and to make it into the word, “Love.”

The next assignment I choose was 4 stars and instructed to create a gif reacting to something. I choose to create a gif reacting to how I feel about an event on campus tomorrow. The African Student Union, that I am apart of is hosting an event called Colors of Africa. I made a gif using giphy.com to represent how I felt. I used a clip of Jonah Hil from the movie, Get Him to the Greek, to express my excitement.

For my third, assignment, I did the Big Eyes assignment which is 2 stars. The challenge was basically to make eyes appear twice as big. I choose a picture of my study group because we were all wearing masks so the only thing you can see to begin with is our eyes and I cropped and zoomed in a bit to make our eyes appear larger.

The last assignment I completed was the Design to shock assignment which was a 4 star assignment. I was instructed to use photoshop to combine pictures or text to create a shocking image, I created a distorted image with a mirror selfie of me and my besite and I duplicated the image to create an optical illusion and I added the text, “House of mirrors, is your face really your trusest reflection,” to make it spooky and give it that “shocking factor.”


  1. Awesome job this week! I’m glad you were able to get it all finished, it was a lot. Keep turning the dream of the degree into reality!

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