Accidentally, On Purpose, Drugging my God Daughter (with Melatonin)

Dear Diary,

I Maleficient, shall never, I mean NEVER, put up with these buffons. Never in my life do I want to see them again. Today, I had the displeasure of going to dinner with the king and the queen.¬†Why couldn’t my beautiful Aurora pick a less distasteful family to be apart. Besides the food being mediocre, the queen contested me all night long. What is it she wants from me. I put my differences aside for the sake of Aurora, it’s sad she couldn’t do the same for her son. How miserable do you have to be to ruin a happy moment for your son. A despicable, despicable, women! Anyways, let’s just say the night ended with tables turned, the food on the ground, and me storming out of the castle. Let it be known, the next time I will return to the castle, it will be to rain my wrath upon the Queen.

Once again, I choose to write about Maleficent. Theprompt was asking on our take of a Disney villain. While I have strong (and unpopular) opinions that she is not a villain, I choose to do a diary entry of her, showing a maternal and protective side of Maleficent.

This scene from Maleficent II encapsulate the dinner i talk about in the diary entry:


  1. This is awesome! I too do not think that Maleficent is a villain, but honestly a more accurate example of the complexities of personhood. But in any case, this diary entry was fantastic and definitely in her voice! The only thing is that I had a little trouble reading the white text against the background. But the background is beautiful!

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