Angry Birds

This Wednesday I had the chance to tune in to the ds106 radio. It was very interesting seeing, well technically speaking… hearing the concepts of audio storytelling we learned about being put into play. The radio broadcast was about a movie made in the 1900’s called The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.

Some concepts that the radio broadcast reinforced was the idea of having an attention-grabbing hook as the into had very dramatic background music with a distinctive layering of different sounds. The eeriness of the plot of the Birds was further enhanced by sound effects of creepy bird screeching, scratching and pecking. Other sound effects that stood out were gust of wind, echoes.

Considering I have never seen the film something I really enjoyed in how the radio broadcast incorporated snippets from the movie as well as audio of commentary on the book. At some point the broadcast incorporated a radio snippet speaking about The Birds and there were sound effects of the radio turning on and off as well as radio static.

I liked trying to pinpoint what the different sound effects were actually made of. For instance, the “gust of wind” that we heard sounded like it was actually waves crashing. I don’t think I can listen to another radio broadcast or podcast without trying to think what “instruments” they are using to make different sound effects. All in all, I had a really good experience I also enjoyed seeing my classmates’ thoughts and opinions in real-time as I listed to the radio broadcast.

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