Baking With Me

Phew. I really did that. Period. So I started making my video plan last week. I planned what I wanted to do and decided on baking a vegan chocolate cake. I choose a recipe last week from Nora Cooks but I couldn’t find some of the ingredients so I improvised and I got a cake mix instead and just found vegan frosting and vegan icing.

I have been very good at layering audio so I would say that was the easiest part of the project was layering audio because I have had so much practice with it throughout the semester. Since I brushed up on the skills using audacity it wasn’t that difficult transitioning to using iMovies. The most difficult literally soul-crushing part was adding the text to the video and adding the transitions to the text as well. It would not go where I wanted to go and it would be its own background instead of adding the text to the video it would be a separate background with just the words. It was a nightmare but I figured it out. I also got to practice camera angles. I recorded the same scene from multiple angles to add to the feel of the video. I had my friend helping me bake and I kid you not the phone camera was like 2 centimeters below her nose. I also switched camera positions from just showing what we were doing to also taking the audience along with me. When I was putting the cake in the oven I has the cake in one hand and the camera in my other hand and I walked to the oven while recording.

Also, a nightmare was the amount of time that it took to transfer the snippet of videos to my mac from my phone. AND UPLOADING TO YOUTUBE TOOK FOREVER AND ONE DAYS.

But I had so much fun baking and filming it was so worth it.

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