You’re Fired!

Sometimes our words and actions don’t match… And sometimes our designs and our messages don’t match. This assignment was to create a design that is contradicting.

Here is the design I created:

I picked two contradicting ideas: which is congratulating someone for being fired. I began by selecting an image of an applause. These people look like they are in a work setting and you can see them applauding in a congratulating manner however, a worker is being fired. The first thing I did was search for an image. I was initially going to choose an image of applause from a standing ovation at the Oscars but I didn’t think it fit the message of being fired so I looked for a picture that appeared like it was a professional setting.

This goes back to the concept of “appropriateness” which is the idea that visuals and texts should be appropriate to convey the message that you want.

This assignment taught me the “Joy of Painting” because art should be cohesive. If a painter wants to convey a beautiful message but is using dark colors, there is a disconnect between the message the artist wants to portray and the message a viewer is receiving. This assignment taught me that design should be made with careful consideration because sometimes we can unconsciously portray a contradicing message.

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