DreamWorks in the Works

The video I am making for my video project is a baking tutorial. I will make a step by step tutorial on how to bake a vegan chocolate cake. I choose to do this because I want to one show off my baking skills and two I want to learn how to transition camera movement from clips of me talking giving instructions to a close up on the actual process of me baking. It will be a dynamic video with multiple angles and it will be fun to make. Also this gives me an excuse to bake a cake so why not.

I choose my recipe for the cake and I made an ad introducing my baking show. I will add to the recipe to make my script for the video

Next week, I actually have to go out to buy the ingredients and get to work on baking and filming.

My ad is not a typical baking ad. I am making a vegan cake because I am currently fasting Kent and in my culture, we give up all animal products for the fast. I talk about fasting as the inspiration behind my vegan baking show. Which is funny because when you think of fasting you think of abstaining from yummy food and not an ad for a chocolate cake video.

Here’s my ad:

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