So… You’re Yelling Me I Should Be Pickier???

I learned a lot from this week’s readings about Becoming Better Photographers. My biggest takeaway from this reading is that a good photographer knows if a shot is good before even taking the picture. That takes so much skill and attention to detail.

I started thinking of what skills I have demonstrated in pictures I have taken in the past.

This picture I took during my trip to Bahir Dar in Ethiopia uses really good use of lighting. While the sunlight glare in images is usually a bad thing the rays of sunlight and the way they hit both the clouds and the water makes this image very beautiful. The capture of the water and the clouds to the point where they share the frame almost equally makes this picture very aesthetic. The reflection of light on the water going through the middle of the picture also enhances the beauty of this picture.

Here’s another picture I choose to analyze based on what I learned. This picture was taken at a monastery during my vacation to Ethiopia.

This picture does a really good job of using both foreground and background. The clouds in the background behind the monastery and the tree branch in the foreground with the beautiful leaves hanging from it really adds to the beauty of this picture. Another thing I want to mention is the use of angles and perspective. I crouched down to take this picture so that I could get the monastery in full. from the ground up.

I really enjoyed learning about the art of photo taking. I love getting pictures taken of me and I feel that the experience of being behind the camera can be as equally enjoyable. The next time I’m forcing my friends to take pictures of me I am going to be directing them telling them to take it from this, with this background, facing towards the light, etc. The next time, I go on vacation, I will for sure put these skills to use.

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