End of Pringles Can, Please Rewind-TDC

Today’s daily create asked if we were at the end of a microfilm reel, and we wanted to rewind. What it is that we would be rewinding.

I envisioned being at the end of a Pringles can and wanting to go back…

Have you ever curled up on the couch watching TV with a pringles can in your hand? Mindlessly munching on Pringles. A commercial just came on, you remember you have Pringles so you thrust your hand into the can only to reach some crumbs left at the end of the can. At that point don’t you want to “hit rewind.” Hit rewind to when you had a full can of pringles. This goes to say for any snack I’m munching on but pringles is what first came to mind.  

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