Hello, or should I say Selam!

Welcome to Taytu Star, meet your Blogger! I’m currently blogging from my birthland, Ethiopia. “Selam” is how you say hello in my language: Amharic. Get to know the different aspects of what makes me who I am, through the lens of many different social media sources!!

The monument that stands tall in the middle of Addis, is the monument of the man that stands tall in my heart, King Menelik II. He was revolutionary, fearless, and had unwavering pride in himself. As such, I draw inspiration from him and his wife, Queen Taytu.

Zenoku Kalatike

“Words move hearts and hearts move limbs.” -Hamza Yusuf. I love being trilingual and I love singing. I get my love for signing from my mom who recorded this song Zenoku Kalatike with me. The song is about a popular saint in Ethiopia by the name of Kidus (Saint) Yared.

A couple of days ago, I recorded a video with my favorite human in the world, Bethel. She is my goddaughter and I cherish her very much. As you can see in the video while I am interviewing her and asking her questions in Amharic, she responds in such a silly and fun way. Her mother tells her to respond properly and she turns around sassily waving her hand around babbling something in her gibberish language. Her personality reminds me of my own and this video reflects my affectionate side and how much I love spending quality time with those I love. You don’t need to know Amharic for our video to make a smile on your face and that was basically the goal of why I chose to make this video in Amharic to show that humans are far more connected beyond language.

Nothing I love more than quality time and quality food. #funwiththecuzzos #citylife #vacay #ds106

I took this picture while I was out with my cousins. We were out and about in a very popular town in Addis Ababa called Bole. We ate noodles and salad and talked about what was new in our lives. Moments like these where you are truly present are what life is all about. Oh and the food was so delicious too!

I hope this blog post gave you a glance at who I am! I look forward to sharing more in upcoming blog posts.

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