Mama Medusa- TDC

Magic Realism Bot Tweeted, “A depressed queen receives an unusual gift from her mother: An eel covered in pearls.”

The first thing I envisioned when I saw this tweet was a medusa-like woman giving one of the “eels” from her head with pearls on it to her daughter. I thought of this because of the essence of the gift and how weird it is to gift pearls and eels together. It was a weird combo of a gift as one is pleasant and one not so much. This gift is true in terms of real life. Mothers, maternal figures, and parental figures in general, often pass down both good and bad traits to the next generation.

Whether we like it or not, we get our best and our worst traits from our mothers and or the people we look up to growing up.

In the image I drew, I drew a Queen with eels as hair under her crown, and pearl rings on her finger giving off one eel covered with some pearls to her daughter who accepts it with her arms open. I drew both the mother and the daughter with a frown because it says the Queen receiving the gifts was depressed. And if my previous theory follows that we get our traits from our parents, it only makes sense that the Queen’s mother would be depressed as well.

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