My Peers are so Creative.

I really enjoyed listening to other group’s radio shows. I am glad we had this week to actually take in all the work everyone put in. I know my group spent countless hours making this radio show happen and I’m sure other groups worked just as hard so I am glad we had this week to go back and listen to our peer’s creation and appreciate what the class produced. It felt validating to hear of everyone’s good comments on my radio show as well.

This Thursday, I had the chance to sit in and listen to 2 radio shows. One is Bob Ross Radio Show and the second was Why Do We Love Art. Both radio shows were styled as a dialogue and a conversation. Which surprised me. I don’t know why I thought that everyone would have a scripted radio show. I really like the conversation style of it though. I felt like I was a part of the conversation and it kept me engaged.

I like the creativity of the ads in the Bob Ross Radio Show. I honestly don’t have any constructive criticism for it, it was pretty good.

I loved loved loved how Hailey played music for the Why Do We Love Art radio show and explained what she was saying by playing her instrument. The only criticism I have is the radio show had very little background music or audio layering going on. It would be better if the group incorporated audio snippets into their radio show.

I enjoyed listening to both shows and I am in awe of how creative my peers are!

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