Pretty in Yellow-My Vogue Cover

I was scrolling for a while looking for the perfect assignment for me to do. When I saw the Vogue challenge let me just say I was intrigued. As someone who loves a good photoshoot, I was down for the challenge. The assignment’s instructions were to take a picture and edit into a VOGUE cover.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I took my picture and used Instagram to edit the words on my Cover to say “Vogue” and I added my caption. I posted the picture on my Twitter feed as well. I’m not one to gas myself up, but I am really happy with the way it turned out. Here’s how it looks:

I recently decided to get a haircut so I made my caption centered around a “new year, new look.” type of vibe. I guess all you need to be. a Vogue model is a photo editing app to add the words “VOGUE.”

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