Behind the Camera, for Once!

While I love, love, love, having pictures taken of me, I have never been one to stand behind a camera. I don’t usually take pictures unless it is to take selfies of myself. I have a lot of photos in my camera roll but most of it is pictures I make my friends and brothers take of me. However, I have never gone out of my way to take pictures. The only thing I really like to photograph is pictures of the cloud or on some rare occasions when there is a pretty sunset.

I don’t have any particular approach to taking photos. I really just carelessly snap shots, but I have always been careful to make sure the lighting is good and that there are no unwanted shadows on my pictures as well as picking angles that are aesthetically pleasing to me.

Naturally, I feel that the pictures spark a particular feeling of bliss and zen, just because nature is so pretty and calming. How can you look at pictures of cloud or sunsets without feeling even a hint of bliss.

After the reading, I learned about strategies to use to be more conscious and purposeful with the pictures I take. I also realized that the things I naturally look for and do when I take pictures are actual concepts in photography. For instance, if the sun is glaring in a picture, I would choose a background away from it to make sure the sun is facing the object rather than away from it, etc.

One tactic, I want to improve of my photo-taking skills is the use of contrast. I understand how important contrast is to create an image that is aesthetically pleasing and I want to learn more about how I can sharpen that skill.

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