Sisters Heart to Heart

The purpose of this assignment was to read a poem and add instrumental music to spark more of an emotional response.

I started this assignment by choosing a poem. I searched for poems about friendships and I landed on one about sisterhood. This poem titled Sisters by Joanna Fuchs reminded me of my best friend so I choose to read that poem. I recorded myself reading the poem on Audacity.

Next, I had to choose a song. I choose Better by Khalid because it is a song that she introduced to me. I found the instrumental version of the song on Youtube and used to convert the video into an mp3 file. I then imported the song onto Audacity as a new track. I listened to it all together then uploaded it on to Sound Cloud.

Here is the final product:

This was a fun assignment. I had a lot of creative control and I got more comfortable using Audacity. The “Joy of Painting” is that I used audio and words to create a picture. The song itself or the poem by itself would not have “painted” a beautiful picture, like the combined final product did.

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