Sorry Lil Mosey

I had a lot of fun making my radio bumper and I am SO SO SO proud of how it turned out !!!

The first thing I did was look for good background music. I wanted something upbeat. At first, I was going to go with Jazz but I couldn’t find a right fit, so I decided to listen to instrumental music versions of some songs that I like and I landed on Blueberry Faygo by Lil Mosey. I converted the video to an mp3 file using ytmp3. Then I transported the first 14 seconds of the song onto Audacity. I probably broke a couple of copyright rules but that’s okay. (Sorry Lil Mosey!!) I wanted to play around with the music and make it feel more customized to my blog so I started experimenting with the effects. I went on the phaser option and increased the output to 7dB. Then I went to the treble and bass option and I decreased the treble to 4 dB and increase the bass to 20 dB.

Next, I added a new track with a recording of my voice. I increased the volume of my voice to 10 dB because the music was overshadowing my voice.

The one thing I struggled with was moving my voice to the middle of the music track. I wanted the music to play for a couple of seconds before speaking so I wanted to move my voice recording to the middle and it took me a sec.

I liked that this assignment allowed me to experiment with Audacity and I learned how the different voice effects impacted the overall product.

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