There’s Nothing Like Team Work

I had anticipated how busy I would be with midterms and the end of the first half of the semester so getting the radio show jumpstarted was the first thing on my list.

I texted a ds106 group chat that I have with people in the class and asked who wanted to be in a group with me. 6 people responded: Jenny, Wade, Ellie, Amy, RJ, and Katie. We made a separate groupchat and decided to call ourselves the Radio 7. From there on out we got right to work.

On Monday night, my group met and discussed the basics of the show. We decided on what we were going to talk about: a murder mystery. We decided on the plot of the radio broadcast. We decided on starting with an interview of suspects by an investigative journalist then cutting to the actual scene of murder then ending with a trial. We structured the broadcast so that the audience doesn’t know who the killer is until the end. We decided to do 6 bumpers and 6 commercials. We decided to mashup the commercials and have two commercial breaks. The bumpers would be placed at the beginning and the end and before and after both commercial breaks.

At the meeting we split up work. Me, Amy, and Katie were on script-writing. Wade and Jenny were in charge of production, and Ellie and RJ were in charge of bumpers, commercials, intros, and outros.

I met with the script writing crew and we established the plot of the murder and the evidence that would be found to create suspicion of all 3 suspects. We decided on characters, there would be 3 suspects, an investigative journalist who would be the narrator, the victim, the judge, the detective, and the medical examiner.

I was in charge of scripting the trial, Amy was in charge of writing the interviews, and Katie was in charge of writing the murder scene.

On the shared Google Drive we each put our names by commercials and bumper ideas because we didn’t want to make duplicate of things for our audio assignments.

Overall it was a very successful and productive week!

We’ve decided on deadlines for the script and the recordings so it’s now just a matter of putting everything together.

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