What is the Radio 7 Cooking Up

The most important part of producing a radio show is the audio. That is literally the only sense that we can appeal to. So, it is very important that audio is produced in a way that is cohesive with our story and illustrates the story we are trying to tell. As such, I waited until we met and had a solid idea of our show before getting started on this.

My group has decided for the purpose of not spoiling the Radio show we conceal our audio assignments and present them within the actual Radio broadcast. But I will explain the assignments that I completed.

The first audio assignment I used to create for the broadcast was a radio bumper.

I created the intro bumper for my group’s radio broadcast. I introduce the radio station and the name of the specific broadcast.

The first thing I did to create the bumber was search up the instrumental version of the song : Wandered to LA by Juice Wrld.

Then I converted the song to an mp3 file using ytmp3.

I used this song as the main background music for the bumper.

I wanted to play around and have fun so I layered the previous song with this song: Shoota by Playboi Carti (the instrumental version.)

I also converted this to an mp3 file and added it to audacity.

Then I recorded the intro.

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