“Where Words Fail, Music Speaks”

The instructions of this assignmet was to choose songs that spark emotions and why. The assignment instructed to do this on Twitter so I have embedded the tweets down below.

I choose this assignment because of it’s simplicity and my love for music. I just scrolled through my playlist and picked songs that spark emotion with me. I love music in terms of it’s ability to expresses feelings in ways that are hard to do in just plain words. The beat and instrument in the background, the lyricism, and the rhythm all help to “paint a picture” and spark emotions. I sometimes play music when I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotions because I feel like music helps me to decipher the emotions I feel and to play a song that resonates with the emotions I feel is so reassuring. Music is an art that you can enjoy even if you don’t know the last thing about producing a song. That is the “joy of painting,” it allows you to enjoy not only your work and craft but also see the beauty in others’. The “joy of painting” is that I just used 3 songs made by other artists to express my OWN emotion. My ability to make their art my own and resonate with is what makes art so beautiful and “joyful” as Bob Ross would say.

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