Whew That Was ALOT

Readings and Reflections

The first thing I did this week was going through the reading of how to tell stories in photos. I enjoyed learning about how photography can be used to spark emotion and tell a story just by manipulating the way you take images. I wrote a post reflecting on my prior experience taking pictures and another post reflecting on what I learned from this week’s material.


When I saw the instructions for the photolitz, I thought it was insane. SEVEZN PICTURES IN UNDER 20 MINUTES!!!???

I had to wipe my glasses and read the instructions because how is that even possible?

I took 30 seconds to read all 7 challenges before starting so I think that is what helped me finish in time.

To my surprise, I had a lot of fun doing the photoblitz. I was convinced this was going to drive me insane. In hindsight, I am glad we got to practice the skills we learned about in this week’s materials.

I shot all the pictures on my iPhone camera and finished in 19 minutes!

14 Stars- Assignments

Next, I completed my assignemts for the week. I combined them into one post because of the nature of the assignments. Because the assignments were to create an image, each assignment did not need a whole blog post to itself so I combined them into one post. I did one Animate a Gif assignment and 3 visual assignments. I added all the appropriate tags to the blog post. The assignments I did were as follows:

  1. Earth
  2. DS106 Reacts
  3. Big Eyes
  4. Design to Shock

I had to use a bunch of different skills through my assignments this week such as using photoshop, making a GIF, manipulating the background and the focus of the images, and cropping.

My favorite assignment I completed was the Design to Shock assignment because it allowed me to be creative. This assignment best represents the theme of the “Joy of Painting” because of the artistic freedom the assignment gave and the open-endedness of the prompt.

My second favorite assignment was, Big Eyes. This assignment was pretty straightforward and allowed you to do your own take on something really simplistic. This assignment relates to the theme of the “Joy of Painting” for the opposite reason. Because the assignment was so straightforward it urged me to find a picture that had a story to tell. I choose a picture of my study group and because we had our masks on in automatically illuminated our eyes, but above all, you see the story that the image tells. You can see that we are studying for an exam because of our books in the background so even in our selfies you can see the anxiousness in our eyes. That is the joy of painting: the ability to tell a story even with a prompt so simple and so straightforward.

Daily Create

I also completed 3 Daily Creates this week! Always a joy!

All in all, this week was enjoyable because we learned how to be better photographers before actually being put to the test to demonstrate the skills we learned.

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